Grammatical information: adj.
Meaning: Ένυαλίῳ ἀ. (B 651)
Origin: IE [Indo-European] [765] *h₃ner- `man'
Etymology: The final after ἀργεϊφόντης (q. v.); v. Wilamowitz Hom. Unt. 299 A. 10, cf. Wackernagel Unt. 172. To be read ἀνr̥φοντ-, with the zero grade of *h₂nr̥-; cf. on ἀνδροτής; Schmitt, Dichtersprache 1967, 124f.
Page in Frisk: 1,105

Greek-English etymological dictionary (Ελληνικά-Αγγλικά ετυμολογική λεξικό). . 2010.

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